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We are the 21st century people and the universe has a lot to expect from us and we should not produce anything that it less than amazing. We are who we are, but we have to be something else if we want to make a difference. The first thing we need to do to trek that path is to see the changes around us. In the world of pornography, seeing what difference must be made can be summed up by one determining principle, something rather digitally enhanced to its finest. You’d have probably heard the name already, but have not really gotten any acquaintance to it.

It just really seems that everything has become a part of the digital world these days and as far as I can see it, it’s a good thing, it’s innovative, it’s an exemplar to what advancements are all about. With Digital Playground, the use of digitization is exhibited at its grandest possibility. With girls that are fucking hot with the neat curves, huge racks and puffy booties that just can’t go unnoticed, life becomes the real heaven and Axis Mundi is just a snap of a finger. It comes to no wonder why the site has since garnered the patronage and continuous subscription growth.

If you’ve been on the search for a massive porn site, then you’re gonna have to look no more with DP on the go. It’s got several different niches reinforced into its database. Whether you’re looking for babes, youthfully mature women, passionate sex or any other enamoring category where women are the highlights, it’s all in. With the site updating on a weekly basis, it now has over 2,800 plus videos, each good for at least 20 minutes.

Aside from the streaming function, you can also download the videos and get to watch your favorite porn anywhere you go. There are also thousands of photo albums to check out. Plus, all the contents are in full HD, which is the major edge of this site.

$9.95 is all you have to pay for a monthly subscription. With all the contents being said, what else could you possibly ask for in a porn site? Digital Playground takes all the merit with what it is capable of offering. Enjoy!

Wow Girls


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Hello, bros! It is yet time for another awesome porn site review. Today, we’re going to talk about a rather broad niche with a really great twist. It’s one of those sites that will amaze you with how such a common topic could become seemingly new with its neat and unique presentation. As usual, it’s all about girls with the adjective. To pique your brains all the more, the site is called Wow Girls.

All the porn sites I’ve come to know always have their own tag line and sometimes it defines them with their performance as a concurrence to what they claim, and sometimes they just flunk and come off pretentious. Wow Girls calls itself “the future of porn” and I definitely couldn’t agree more, and now I get why it is called so. Every now and then, it never fails to amaze me and I just can’t help but mumble and utter the word wow over and over again. Little do I know sometimes that I’m actually almost there, that the jizz is at the very tip inside my you know what. It never fails to bring me into that ultimate bulge over and over all the time.

The site is not a massive porn site, and that is one thing I love about it. You know, it only keeps what it would deem essential and they are indeed good at that department; the creators really have a good taste in porn, I would say. The flicks are awesomely remastered in HD and the filming is done rather meticulously, everything is clear with effective lighting and angling applied. Of course, it won’t be anywhere above awesome if it weren’t for the smokin’ hot talented models. All in all, there are over 350 videos in the site, each good for at least 22 minutes.

Apart from the videos, there are stills you can enjoy inside the photo galleries too. Overall, as a $20 per month site with all the awesome things you could ask for in a porn resource, be it gorgeous, hi resolution imagery, frequented updates for something new every week, Wow Girls is the real deal. What more could you ask for? Enjoy!

Lets Try Anal


Lets Try Anal Discount

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I don’t know about you but with my girl friend a lot of time I asked her let us try anal and each time she just screams out loudly No NO! Yeah it’s because it’s painful and girls don’t actually care about the fun they just care about the pain. Once in a porn movie I saw a husband fucking his wife’s ass hole and it was so stimulating.

Well, that video helped a lot and on the next date I followed the strategy and fucked the butt hole of my girl friend. That legendary porn video belongs to site and lately I signed up here to get some more strategies to fuck the hole of that nice butt of my girlfriend.

Lets Try Anal is a pay site and you’ll have to pay a very small amount to become a member for one month. As the name states the site is focused on anal sex so all the people who love anal sex are warmly welcomed here. The site declares that these videos are submitted by the users. Well, no matter who submitted those videos they are great and they consists a lot of hot chicks and they get fucked anal in a lot of styles by some hot dudes with nice dicks. This site is actually a fresh one and it was launched about more than a year ago but don’t worry it is updated regularly so you will get a lot of fresh contents here.

There are over 53 videos available right now in Lets Try Anal and each one them can be streamed in an embedded player for over 35 minutes. All of these are full movies and members can download them in multiple types of WMV and MPEG formats. There is also a format available for iPod or PSP or other mobile devices. In the videos you will get a lot of virgin asses getting fucked by some huge veiny cocks.

As each video has its own photo gallery you can enjoy photos from 53 galleries here. Each one of them contains about 160 photos. All of these are full screen photos and they can be downloaded easily in zip files. All the contents you get here are exclusive and original. So, now it’s your turn to decide where you want to spend your hard earned money. You can spend it here and enjoy their exclusiveness and high quality or go elsewhere.

ATK Exotics Discount


ATK Exotics Discount

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Like other young adults I also love porn but I’m not weak on any special type of girl. Yes, it means I love all the popular types and that’s why I like girls from different parts of the world. So, I love teens, amateurs, MILFs, matures, Asians, Latinas, black ebony etc. All of them have their own unique nature of sexiness and attractiveness. Like me if you also like different types of girls you can sign up in ATK Exotics.

There are so many porn sites online who also provides content from same niches but there’s something special about this one. You’ll have to continue reading to find out more about it.

It is impossible for an individual to see or get such amount of sexy girls totally naked or getting fucked by guys so easily. If you try yourself you will get a lot of stamps on your passport but you may still have Asia left where girls can make you cum just by smiling a bit. So just stop travelling plans and sign up on ATK Exotics as they are doing the travelling for you and getting only exotic beauties from all over the world for your satisfaction only. You can enjoy the sensuality of female bodies from different areas of the world.

If you check out the contents you will get a tremendous amount waiting for you. Right now there are 5199 videos available here for the members viewing enjoyment only. You won’t get any show off type hunky videos here while they are calm but pretty arousing. You can enjoy over 2000 models in the contents and they don’t have fake boobs or ass, fake tanned skin etc. They rather have all natural ingredients. I find the moaning and screaming a lot stimulating and if you also like it you can enjoy different flavors of it here. You can also enjoy pregnant chicks from different parts of the world getting fucked.

There is a Model Index that includes all the model bios. If you like any you can download her pictures too. ATK Exotics has over 28411 galleries and each one of them includes about 150 pictures. So, that’s a lot of pictures right and you can download them easily in zip files. These are full screen pictures and you can enjoy 682×1024 pixels too. In the photos you can find a lot of gorgeous chicks and they spread their legs a lot of times to get you the perfect shot of their pussies.



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Money is hard to find. You don’t even get to find it, you have to earn it with all your blood and sweat. For some people, they would even have to put their soul in stake, so to speak. That’s why it’s time for you to realize that as fun as porn may seem regardless of its source and class, you need to be more serious in choosing a determining choice. Your several dollars a month deserve professionally filmed videos, which is why you should go with PornPros Network. I say this by experience and for a foolproof argument, read on for a quick review.

PornPros is the perfect gig for anything that’s a network filled with pornographic content. They have been in the industry for years now and have always been promising in delivering the best possible videos worth savoring with one’s time and money. Basically, their premise is edged toward producing hardcore vids by getting hooked with top-of-the-class niche sites around the world. To make everything much more interesting, they invest on porn series that will surely want you to be looped with on how the story progresses and who gets to have sex with who.

HD quality is the main pride of PornPros, and they have over 2800 plus videos to choose from. Each video would range for about 25 minutes and on, both streamable and downloadable. There are also several extras to take pleasure in, which would include the live chats and member forums. You might even find yourself lucky by getting hooked up with another member who’s just around town like you are. What are the odds of that to happen? Not much, but rest assured a good portion of the members would be coming from the female sex. Then again, the live chats are with certain models, so that should be enough to keep your penis hardened and your mouth drooling.

A monthly subscription would originally cost $29.95, but since they are running a promo, you only have to pay $19.95 for an initial subscription. You can also become a contributor of their blog and earn some bonus points through some readership, should your submission be published. Additionally, the daily updates will be hard to catch up with, so if you don’t want to be left out for what’s hot now, then stop tying one hand behind your back and go with the subscription. You won’t regret it.