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There’s more to college than what your parents have told you as a child. I’m pretty sure as someone who’s reading this now, at least 17 years of age, knows what the dirty secrets of college life is. And I’m pretty sure that your parents know about it and never in a day are they not worried about your propensity to get involved. That’s right, I’m talking about College Rules here, epitomizing the dirty yet reveling nature of the whole going out of high school scheme. And we’re reviewing it today, so read on.

Your parent’s greatest fear, a total nightmare, that’s how they perceive College Rules. But for you who’s about to unravel the secrets of your newly joined academic society, this is where all the fun begins. Even if you’re already out of college, this site comes to your bliss with its reminiscing effect, bringing your mind to personal nirvana, back to the days when you were in every dorm-orgy turned success parties. The wonderful thing about this site is that all the videos are user-submissions. They do have the sampler sets, but what followed through after their launch were purely submissions. Why? Because they give out prizes to whoever makes the best college sex videos. They even give high consolation money to videos that are at least passable by their high standards. With that kind of gig where coeds can gain some extra money for their dorm rent and tuition, who would be able to avoid the temptation? Plus, sex is a fun way to de-stress!

If you’ve had the personal acquaintance with Animal House, ultimate arousal and elation comes with the wonderful videos of The only thing is that there are literally just 36 videos to watch. Then again, updates will now be done in a weekly basis and the site has promised that it has a lot under it sleeves, videos that they have decided to go by their perfectionism. In that few 36, you’ll actually experience more than what you would expect – each video is concentrated with real shots, passionate moans, submissiveness of women (which is always arousing), and all that would make sex a fun leisure activity. All the submissions are of HD quality and each would not last less than 40 minutes.

Originally, the site was out for a $39 monthly subscription. As a promo rate since they are gaining more submissions as well as members, College Rules is now at a low rate of $29.95 a month. Come get your subscription while it’s hot.