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There are things that came from the long past that still remain strong in the world we now live in. When it comes to adult magazines, it is needless to say that Playboy is the god and father of its kind. I wouldn’t wonder why until today, even with the craziness of virtualization, the shifting of every data and information and even the entertainment items into cloud computing, the magazine still exists.

Not only does it exist, but definitely patronized by literally millions of fans across the globe. And the reason I’m telling you all this is to give a quick review of something that you, as a Pboy fan will definitely like. It’s called Playboy Plus.

So, what is this whole deal with the Plus version of Playboy? Actually, it’s not just a version. It’s a whole new world created by the magazine company. If only origins didn’t account, this would be considered the prototype and father of all porn sites. But then, we give respect to whom it’s due with the basis of ancestral roots and whatnot. But basically, it is a porn site. Yes, you read that right and that would mean to say you are finally going to see tons of your favorite Playboy models in action rather than just in motionless pictures. Nevertheless, even in its printed versions, the company has its way to make its images seem alive. It is after all the messiah of adult magazines.

Kim Kardashan, Drew Barrymore, Bo Derek, ah, you’re finally gonna have the option to see them in live action. However, not all the stars of Playboy are down to do the whole fucking in front of the cam business. And you should know who are those who are in and those who are not. You’re definitely going to bet Lindsay Lohan’s down for that after having filmed two breakthrough porn movies for the last two years. Anyway, anything that’s become a shipwreck can be found here, so it all goes for your glory. There are 4,300 plus videos for you to enjoy, each video is good for at least 3 minutes. They would be as good as your golden nuggets for the day, every single day. There are also photo galleries for you to voyeur on, 5,200 plus galleries that is!

With all these being said, it is needless to say that Playboy Plus is the number one porn site of today. High definition videos, the hottest magazine models, a cheap subscription rate of $5.83 a month. How could you ever ask for more?