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Some people don’t understand that their actions are already causing discomfort and that they are already trespassing personal boundaries. Crossing space and territories where they are not supposed to be in. That incessant touching is already tantamount to sexual harassment. So much for that, let’s examine an opposite version, where women are the ones who would seek for sex. Of course for a good cause, which is money, something we all need to live in a world ran by economic maxims.

It’s impossible for one to not have heard about the awesomeness of the Back Room. It’s been all over the pornographic news network and it’s been passed on from one friend to another. Unless you’re a prude homo or something to that effect, let’s just pretend then you haven’t heard about it and you don’t want to taint your soul with evil.

But porn’s not evil and sex for money is just as good as any decent job. You serve and you get paid, it’s a win-win for the client and the seller. With Backroom Casting Couch, you’ll get to see the hottest women from across the European, British and American nations knocking on private room doors for an “interview” all the way to some naughty bed action.

My favorites would be the Czechs who are not only pretty, but also sexy, and with a great personality. So much for that, the videos would run for about 30 minutes each and there are currently 320 plus videos to choose from. All the videos are real and unadulterated. They are actual interviews with women who want cash for sex. Fuck for a buck, you know what I’m saying? That’s the life. Why preserve virginity when you can use that prowess to live through the roughness of life in the most fun and exciting ways — with dings and dongs. Get it?

A subscription to Backroom Casting Couch is so cheap, you can get it for only $24.95 a month. There are weekly updates and there are bonus items they release every month. Join now and you won’t regret it!