PornFidelity Discount

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PornFidelity is the site that is featuring material from one of the industry’s best female star, Kelly Madison and her partner Ryan who also happens to be her husband as well. The site clearly tells you that the couple decided to live their sex life open on the internet. Through their dedicated hard work, and countless sex scenes and sex practice, they were able to make something substantial with this site.

The site shows the different wild sex adventures the couple have with other couples, gals and porn performers. It’s like a scrapbook, but the production and execution is really high professional standards. There are lots of scenes inside that show male-female-female threesome action, and everything is always hardcore pleasurable.

The movies that they have inside are 4K and HD action that will have you smiling heavily. Inside they have 576+ episodes and over 209500 pictures. Apart from Kelly and her husband, there are 380+ other models and performers that make an appearance inside the site. Flv, mp4, wmv video files are there, previews, streaming and downloading options are also there. You get mid to large resolution images. There is 1080p HD content plus pictures can be downloaded. As with big sites the older archives have mid resolution quality which is not so bad at all. You will have fresh episodes to watch every week.

The idea that is common with every single thing you will see Kelly and Ryan do inside the site is to have lots of sexual fun. Sex is fun. Swinging and threesomes are hot, nasty hardcore sessions that are all fun. There is a reality type of shooting used to make the material. Kelly is able to bring in many of her pals, and her hubby is their sole beneficiary. The production is top level and material never really feels that much repetitive or boring. You will find some lesbian scenes, lots of bjs, cumshots, milfs, teens, anal, reality, gonzo, insertions and so on. PornFidelity membership means that Teen Fidelity is all yours; it’s a bonus site with more raunchy teen hardcore content.

You will be able to sort videos according to top rated and latest. Scenes come with information on run time and who is performing in them. They also come with date stamps. Extras include blog spot for Kelly, store, behind scene, bonus content, playlists, etc. They have integrated social media platforms inside the site. The layout looks smart, easy to master.

If only our current girlfriends would be like Kelly and bring more of their friend’s home for some hardcore adventures…if only…but since that is a dream, we just have to settle for PornFidelity. It’s not a bad compromise either since you are getting a lot of action from quality porn producers. The scenes entertain, the sex delights, the services are sufficient, its time you checked out this site.

Wicked Pictures


Wicked Pictures Discount

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Wicked Pictures has now grown into something truly beautiful from the first time we saw them pop into the scene. They now have over 500+ wonderful DVD movies of hardcore passion that has helped to catapult them to another level. They of course have been awarded multiple trophies from the adult entertainment industry.

They have inside live cams, yards and yards of material, updates, pornstars and filming production that is blazing and incredibly good. They do feature many stars who have solid contracts with them as well as give new comers a place to make a name for themselves. They have been producing porn ever since the 90s.

According to their records, they have had sexual interactions with more than 1000 models to date. They also have over 3100 scenes inside plus some 6250+ galleries filled with pictures. There is a version of the site that is full mobile optimized. You don’t have to ask about the quality since they have 720p and 1080p HD action. They are adding on a regular weekly basis. They can have as many as 5 updates each week. You can stream and download. You can cum and download pictures using the zip file. You can rest assured that what you are handling has been produced by performers and producers who have a solid reputation for making high calibre porn content.

There are many studio type of companies in the adult business that really do not have consistency, quality, and a certain extra thing when it comes to hardcore porn. Lucky for all involved, this company is not one of them! This official site is like the best version of everything that they have ever produced. The company likes going full out on each production. It does not look like they comprise on cost by cutting back on quality. It is pretty obvious that they have launched the careers of many sexy stars over the years and help to sustain them by constantly producing high quality porn content. There are of course some experimental action that they have made over the years you may not like, but for us, we like 99.99% of everything that these guys make!

From the site, you will get navigational tools and information you require. The options that they have extend to the pictures and video galleries. They have high res galleries, previews, and thumbnails for members to sample before they decide. There is information on the models and pornstars inside, not encyclopaedia kind, but just summary information really.
As a porn company, Wicked Pictures is still as radiant as ever! We used to think that they could not possibly get any better but we were wrong since they clearly have. They keep pushing, producing, bringing babes and hardcore porn to the market at a pretty reliable fast pace. We thank them, we love them, you should join them, be part of something definitely special!

Backroom Casting Couch


Backroom Casting Couch Discount

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Some people don’t understand that their actions are already causing discomfort and that they are already trespassing personal boundaries. Crossing space and territories where they are not supposed to be in. That incessant touching is already tantamount to sexual harassment. So much for that, let’s examine an opposite version, where women are the ones who would seek for sex. Of course for a good cause, which is money, something we all need to live in a world ran by economic maxims.

It’s impossible for one to not have heard about the awesomeness of the Back Room. It’s been all over the pornographic news network and it’s been passed on from one friend to another. Unless you’re a prude homo or something to that effect, let’s just pretend then you haven’t heard about it and you don’t want to taint your soul with evil.

But porn’s not evil and sex for money is just as good as any decent job. You serve and you get paid, it’s a win-win for the client and the seller. With Backroom Casting Couch, you’ll get to see the hottest women from across the European, British and American nations knocking on private room doors for an “interview” all the way to some naughty bed action.

My favorites would be the Czechs who are not only pretty, but also sexy, and with a great personality. So much for that, the videos would run for about 30 minutes each and there are currently 320 plus videos to choose from. All the videos are real and unadulterated. They are actual interviews with women who want cash for sex. Fuck for a buck, you know what I’m saying? That’s the life. Why preserve virginity when you can use that prowess to live through the roughness of life in the most fun and exciting ways — with dings and dongs. Get it?

A subscription to Backroom Casting Couch is so cheap, you can get it for only $24.95 a month. There are weekly updates and there are bonus items they release every month. Join now and you won’t regret it!

Playboy Plus


Playboy Plus Discount

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There are things that came from the long past that still remain strong in the world we now live in. When it comes to adult magazines, it is needless to say that Playboy is the god and father of its kind. I wouldn’t wonder why until today, even with the craziness of virtualization, the shifting of every data and information and even the entertainment items into cloud computing, the magazine still exists.

Not only does it exist, but definitely patronized by literally millions of fans across the globe. And the reason I’m telling you all this is to give a quick review of something that you, as a Pboy fan will definitely like. It’s called Playboy Plus.

So, what is this whole deal with the Plus version of Playboy? Actually, it’s not just a version. It’s a whole new world created by the magazine company. If only origins didn’t account, this would be considered the prototype and father of all porn sites. But then, we give respect to whom it’s due with the basis of ancestral roots and whatnot. But basically, it is a porn site. Yes, you read that right and that would mean to say you are finally going to see tons of your favorite Playboy models in action rather than just in motionless pictures. Nevertheless, even in its printed versions, the company has its way to make its images seem alive. It is after all the messiah of adult magazines.

Kim Kardashan, Drew Barrymore, Bo Derek, ah, you’re finally gonna have the option to see them in live action. However, not all the stars of Playboy are down to do the whole fucking in front of the cam business. And you should know who are those who are in and those who are not. You’re definitely going to bet Lindsay Lohan’s down for that after having filmed two breakthrough porn movies for the last two years. Anyway, anything that’s become a shipwreck can be found here, so it all goes for your glory. There are 4,300 plus videos for you to enjoy, each video is good for at least 3 minutes. They would be as good as your golden nuggets for the day, every single day. There are also photo galleries for you to voyeur on, 5,200 plus galleries that is!

With all these being said, it is needless to say that Playboy Plus is the number one porn site of today. High definition videos, the hottest magazine models, a cheap subscription rate of $5.83 a month. How could you ever ask for more?



VideosZ Discount

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There are so many porn sites online and they provide porn of different categories. Some people like soft core porn where everything is sensual and full of feel while others go for hardcore where kissing is not that useful and they find slapping the ass of the girl more helpful. There is another type who loves the combination of both with some extra spices and it is known as the pervert type. VideosZ is best for the perverts. Just check out the tour pages and those short sample clips will be enough to make you cream in your pants. Their whole collection is filled with high quality hardcore materials.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not fond of photos, they are almost useless to me if it’s a matter of porn. So in a site all I want is tons of juicy videos of sexy girls and in VideosZ they are pretty straight. They didn’t take the time to get you still images if you like them; they rather spent it to get you thousands of high quality videos. Well, that doesn’t mean they have no pictures in the site. In fact, they have a lot of quality photos of gorgeous girls posing sexily to the camera. They spread their legs a lot of times to get you a close look of their holes and all these will happen in front of your eyes.

After signing you will land on the member’s area showing all the recent updates. It can start with the tempting teens. They’ll get you barely legal tight chicks with very tiny tits to make that fetish school girl dream of yours come true. There’s no waiting for the boobs to come out, they’ll rather strip off their panties without delay and spread their legs for instant cock action. Don’t you dare to think that they contain only teen content; they also dig into the mature woman, MILF, interracial sex, group sex, high heels, teasing fetish fun and a lot more. So they made sure that this jar is filled with cookies of different kind.

Right now there are more than 15798 DVDs available in videosZ and each one of them can be streamed in an embedded player for about 120 minutes. All of these are full length movies and members can download them in AVI, MP4 and WMV formats.

Digital Desire


Digital Desire Discount

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There are so many popular porn production companies online and among them DD is unique because of the unique type of nudity in their contents and exciting features. Full meaning of DD is Digital Desire and I guess you have heard about it before. Mr. J. Stephen Hicks is an experienced photographer along with a specialist in soft core porn and he made promises with his site DigitalDesire that it will make all the dreams of a soft core lesbian porn lover come true.

If you check out the site once, you will agree that he kept his promises.

Digital Desire was launched more than 11 years ago and till now it is adding fresh new contents as update which has already made their collection very huge. The contents added earlier may not be of that high quality but each one of the recently added contents seem to be possessed with high quality. Actually Mr. J. Stephen Hicks served for Playboy and Penthouse as a photographer for so many years. This is why he knows how and in which angle porn stars will look sexier and porn lovers will like to have their desired contents. If you check out some of their videos you can find out that the cameraman seem to know already when to take close shots and when go for long ones.

Production team of this site did a great job and they brought the girls who did great in front of the camera. They spread their legs quite a few times for the camera to provide the members a close look of their cracks. There are over 2768 galleries here in DD and each one of them includes about 60 photos. All of these are full screen photos and members can easily download them in zip files. As it is the site of a photographer you can enjoy some perfect shots and informative model index here.

In some videos the girls kiss each other with so much passion which admits once again that only a girl knows how to please the other one well. Digital Desire offers more than 1066 videos right now and each one of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player for about 8 minutes. All of these are full length movies and members can download them in WMV, MP4 and QuickTime formats.